Adventure Time Raider


Take Finn and Jake into a new and fun adventure


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Adventure Time Raider is an endless runner in which you control Finn and Jake, who have to try to rescue Princess Bubblegum after she has been kidnapped by the Ice King in another one of his evil plans.

The gameplay in Adventure Time Raider is very similar to that in Jetpack Joyride: you can move Finn and Jake up and down by just pressing the screen. The main difference is that instead of having a jetpack you can use Jake as a sort of flying cape.

Along the adventure you find dozens of obstacles of all kinds. They can range from boxes and rockets to other characters in Adventure Time that try to stop your progress. That said, not all is trouble in Adventure Time Raider, since you can also get the help of power-ups and gems that let you unlock upgrades.

Adventure Time Raider is a really fun game. Fans of the animated series Adventure Time will definitely love it. The graphics, by the way, are really faithful to the show.
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Requires Android 2.1 or higher